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“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a <strong>mineral deficiency.</strong>”

– Linus Pauling.






About Harry

I discovered the importance of nutrition in my early twenties when I was confronted by a number of challenges in my health. It helped me where conventional approaches failed. Wanting to understand health more deeply, I began an intense period of research and experimentation. It’s a journey which has lasted half a decade and shows no signs of being over yet. In this time I have devoured an enormous amount of information of the subject of health & nutrition, as well as considering deeply the philosophies that underpin these subjects.

My quantifiable training consists of a year of study at College of Naturopathic Medicine where I completed my course in biomedicine. I have also completed practitioners training in HMTA by Dr. Garrett Smith ND, a prominent American naturopathic physician. Dr Smith has continued to mentor me for the several years following my training; this has been of enormous value to me.

First and foremost, however, my greatest teacher has been my own experience, for it is the keen attention to this which imbues us with the type of wisdom which cannot be learned in books – even if you’ve read as many as I have. Knowledge should always be treated tentatively, for it is likely to change when we encounter new information. Wisdom, on the other hand, is timeless.



What is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) was developed by Drs Eck & Watts. Their life work was devoted to the study of trace element deficiencies, excesses and their relationships to health conditions. They analysed over 100,000 tests and correlated mineral levels and ratios with different health conditions. This approach has continued to develop over the last 40 years and is used successfully by thousands of practitioners.

HTMA can provide information about:

  • Mineral deficiencies, imbalances and excesses
  • Requirement for specific vitamins
  • The function of the thyroid, liver & adrenals
  • Digestive ability
  • Hormone balance
  • Heavy metal toxicity

Why are minerals important?

Minerals are elemental to our health. Elements are what we’re made of. A deficiency or excess in the body’s mineral balance can upset biochemistry and manifest in any number of symptoms.

Research has shown that the vitamin and mineral content of food has been declining dramatically in recent decades. It’s no surprise that nutritional deficiencies have become the norm, much to the detriment of our vitality. It should also be no surprise that improving our nutritional status can benefit virtually every aspect of our health.

Taking the Test

The test is extremely simple and is done by you at home. A small sample of hair (about 1g) is taken from several locations at the back of the head and nape of the neck. The inch of hair closest to the scalp is used as this represents the most recent period of time.

This is sent to Trace Elements Laboratories where it is tested for its mineral content. I receive a report which I analyse, using as the basis for the work we will do together. It’s important to retest every 3 months as your requirements will change and your supplement programme needs to be changed accordingly.

If you have any further questions, please use the ‘contact’ page. I’ll be happy to discuss all of this at greater length.

working with me


Personalised Programmes

It’s essential to recognise the individuality of each client.

This is why I use HTMA (alongside a few basic blood tests, if possible) to provide insight into your unique nutritional requirements. Once these are established, I design a supplement programme to restore, rebalance and remineralise the body at the most fundamental level. This is a core aspect of my programmes, as most nutritional imbalances cannot be overcome with food alone. Nonetheless, there’s no substitute for a good diet – we’ll work hard on this, discussing strategies to optimise the intake of the specific nutrients most required in your situation. 

My focus is on building excellent health by providing the body with what it needs, letting it take care of the rest.


The consultation gives us an opportunity to thoroughly discuss your results.

We’ll discuss the significance of your results in relation to whatever health challenges or goals you may be facing. We’ll have the opportunity to discuss your personalised programme so you can better understand which supplements to take and how to implement my recommendations. We can also discuss your diet and lifestyle and further fine tune our approach according to your personal situation.

The normal time for a consultation is 1 hour.


Some people find it helpful to have extra support when working at improving their health.

Coaching offers you the opportunity to be personally guided through this process of rebuilding and galvanising your health. It gives us the time to discuss your health challenges regularly and address any issues as they arise.

Any questions you may have about diet, lifestyle or health in general – no matter how big or small – scheduling a call with me. If there’s something about your programme you’re struggling to implement then it can be explained or a new strategy developed.

Furthermore, I’ll arrange the order & delivery of your supplements, or any other products you need along the way.


"Having worked with Harry for 9 months, my chronic migraines and sinusitis have all but disappeared, I no longer have high blood pressure & lifelong digestive issues have resolved. As a bonus, the look of my skin has improved hugely & my friends constantly comment on how well I look!"



"Since working with Harry, I have felt much more energetic, stronger and I sleep better. It feels really good to know that thanks to Harry’s clear advice and guidance, my body is getting the nutrition it really needs."



“I have been working with Harry for about 8 months and I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, compassion and helpfulness. My health has steadily improved during our time working together. The notable improvements include my previously elevated blood pressure is now normal, high cholesterol of 10 years is nearly perfect and my menopause symptoms are 90% resolved. From a functional perspective I’m now able to work 12 hour shifts on my feet in a stressful hospital environment with ease. I have also finished my classes and I am embarking on a new career. I’m now able to give back and volunteer in my community because my health isn’t something I need to think much about anymore. This was also my first winter in memory that I did not suffer with seasonal depression!!! There are many other improvements as well but overall I’m simply thrilled to wake up each day knowing I will have the energy, stamina and strength to do whatever comes my way. It’s been great partnering with Harry in working on my health goals. I’ve tried so, so many conventional and alternative treatments over the years and I have to say what Harry is doing with his individualized approach has produced real results for me."




Elemental Health

Restore, rebalance and remineralise your body by following one of my personalised programmes.


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